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Field Essays


During the summer of 2018, Ciel and Max built a temporal pavilion or "house for seasonal neighbours" in Boeshoven, Borgloon. For a period of sixty five days, a downscaled rowhouse assembled out of prefabricated aluminium panels and a trailer stood midst a typical north-Belgian landscape of fields, scattered houses, retail and infrastructure. An explanation board communicated to visitors and occasional passers-by in five languages that “it is a monument for the homeless presence of seasonal labourers in the region” and invited them to enter.

In March 2019, only a few months after this intervention took place in Borgloon, Max and Ciel were invited to present existing work in the Transfer space of MarionDeCannière Gallery in Antwerp.

They decided to show 2 new Field Essays which continued the exploration of potential 'representational' spaces for homeless seasonal neighbours in the Belgian countryside of today and tomorrow.

On one image, one can recognise the same parking lot of the local Aldi market in Boeshoven, this time even more dressed-up as a cultural space. The other shows the basis of a windmill on a strawberry field of rural Flanders, that turned into a futuristic field house to shelter from the rain.

However, on both, humans seem to remain invisible again —or are they rather camouflaged?

Pictures by Toas Uyttendaelle